EGC is committed to serving the Democratic Republic of Congo in regaining control of the cobalt industry, which is a strategic component of the global energy transition and the country’s economic growth.

Bolstered by its partnerships with leading industrial players and its cooperation with the various national and provincial political and administrative authorities, EGC is committed to upgrading Congolese cobalt sourced from artisanal production in order to promote economic development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


As a global organization confronted with several challenges related to sustainability and social responsibility, EGC aims to strengthen the position of the Democratic Republic of Congo as a world leader in cobalt production by protecting this valuable and prestigious heritage, while enabling artisanal miners to benefit from this resource and earn a decent living.

EGC offers an immediate solution to the working conditions of artisanal miners as well as an environment that complies with social, economic, and environmental norms. It also ensures the safety of vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children; not only by protecting them from exploitative working conditions, but also by offering them entrepreneurial opportunities to improve their living conditions.

EGC stands as the guarantor for the country’s artisans and local authorities for a responsible and fair mining operation which sync with the objectives of economic profitability, as well as for the protection of the environment.



The supply agreement signed between EGC and TRAFIGURA includes financing arrangements by TRAFIGURA to support the creation of strictly controlled artisanal mining zones, the installation of ore purchasing stations and the costs related to the transparent and traceable delivery of cobalt hydroxide to its clients.

Under the supply terms, EGC will ensure that the ore traded with the support of TRAFIGURA complies with the OECD Due Diligence.



To support the supply agreement with TRAFIGURA, EGC signed a memorandum of understanding with the international non-profit organization PACT, which will ensure responsible due diligence in sourcing from artisanal miners. PACT works alongside local communities in nearly 40 countries to eradicate poverty, including making formal artisanal and small-scale mining safer and more productive.